Local army veterans bring their own green to Monarchs football

Valley currently has two student-veterans battling it out on the gridiron in Monarch gear.

By Jairo Alvarado, Staff Writer

Retired Army First Sgt. Jesus “Jessy” Medina, and Army Corporal DeAndre Dorsey have picked up some new gear this season and it is for a different kind of battlefield.

Valley College has always been a stepping-stone for veterans and servicemen, two of which are currently playing on the defensive end for the Monarchs (4-2) on the gridiron.

“The same core values I used in the Army, I am using them on the football team,” said Medina who served in the U.S. Army for 22 years before deciding to hit the books at Valley.

At 5’10”, 220 pounds, the defensive linemen served as an Infantryman with multiple deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Korea.

The 47 year old continues to grind it out on the field despite many saying he is too old to play college football. For Medina, it is just another chance to be apart of something.

“These guys here on the field to my left and right are my war buddies ,” Medina said.

The retired military man was looking for the camaraderie, discipline and physical training he experienced while serving in the military, and he discovered that a football team meets those qualifications.

He plans on attending Cal State Northridge as a kinesiology major to coach football at the high school level.

In the backfield, Dorsey enlisted to the Army’s reserves back home in St. Louis as a Chemical Warfare specialist, but has not yet been deployed. Dorsey and his friend were recruited while playing football in Missouri.

“Everything I do here is exactly how we do it in the Army, attention to detail,” said the 21 year old.

Dorsey, having played quarterback in high school, came to Valley as an established athlete. He tried wide receiver, slot receiver, running back and even kick returner. Coach Matthew White made Dorsey a defensive back.

Dorsey said, “Being a student-veteran at Valley is great. Its Veteran Resource Center offers a lot of help. The Veterans Club and, of course, the athletic department can all assist me in accomplishing my goals.”

Those goals are to transfer to a Division I football program with a scholarship to pursue his education and football dreams.


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  1. Good story.

    Jesus Medina shows that you aint never too old to go back to school. NOBODY has a right to tell anyone what to do with their life or how old they have to be to go to college.

    College is a medium to find yourself and see what you want to be in life.

    And lastly, Kudos to Medina and DeAndre Dorsey for serving their country and choosing LAVC to continue their education.

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