Time to get back in shape, winter’s over.

By: Karina Tovar, staff writer

The time is here to make the transition from our bulky, comfy sweaters to more summer appropriate clothing. With summer a little over eight weeks away it means it’s time to start eating healthier and get some exercise in order to look our best come those warm summer days. Here are some easy tips to follow and incorporate into your healthy life style to help you to look and feel your best for those sunny days ahead.


First and foremost love yourself. After all getting in shape is a labor of dedication and love so you need to have this first step down in order for the following to come easy to you. Getting in shape shouldn’t be a chore or something we loathe doing, it should be fun and challenging! Look forward to having achieved your goals and feeling more confident in your skin. Some ways to enjoy exercising a little more is to find something you look forward to doing; whether it’s swimming, dancing away with a DVD at home, or hitting the gym, finding a way to break a sweat is an important component in reaching your fitness goals.


Kinesiology major Chantel Robinson likes to stay in shape by mixing up her workouts with pool workouts and weight training along with her teammates from the

basketball team. “I think working out is very important, I just wanna look my best for summer.”

After finding a workout you look forward to doing, you want to make sure to stay consistent. Jump-starting any fitness goals with quick ways to slim down is a great way to keep you motivated, but consistency is really what is going to provide you with long-term benefits.


“You don’t just wait for summer to get into shape,” shares graphic design major Zack Mansbridge. “You wanna stay with it year round, especially in Cali because we got

that beautiful weather year round.”


A way to start seeing results quickly for those who want faster results is to clean your diet of all processed foods and refined sugars. You are going to have to make a significant cut back on these deal breakers if you want to start seeing results sooner. Good alternatives to these unhealthy foods are fruits and vegetables. Filling up with fruits and veggies also provide you with fiber to help keep you feeling fuller longer!


Another way to slim down quickly is to focus on losing your water weight. Many think that by avoiding the intake of water they will not need to worry about gaining water weight. In fact the very opposite is true; when our bodies don’t have enough water it retains what little it has resulting in a bloated appearance. So to keep off that extra water weight, try drinking at least six glasses of water a day and keep your body happy.


The main advice that could be provided to jump start any weight loss regimen is to get started. Find your motivation and stick with it. Only by doing so will you reach your goals.


“Its never too late to start, whenever you feel motivated, that’s when you start,” said bio chemistry Monique Perez. “Time to get back in shape, winter’s over.”

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