LACCD and Valley College show Trump how to do the right thing

Valley College and the LACCD make a bold move and stand by their Dreamers.

By, Solomon Smith, Editor-in-Chief

President Donald J. Trump repealed the Deferred Action for Childhood Act (DACA) putting hundreds of thousands of young people in peril of being deported, but the Los Angeles Community College District has sent out a letter in support of those affected.

LACCD has not forgotten about its immigrant population and the  letters from the Los Angeles Community College District Chancellor, Dr. Francisco C. Rodriguez and Valley College was the right thing to do.  

“I want to reassure you that LACCD—as a public higher education institution—will will not stand back and allow our brothers and sisters to lose their right to a high quality and affordable education,” said Rodriguez in the letter.

DACA was enacted in June 2012 by an executive order by then president Barack Obama.  It allowed those who immigrated to America illegally as children, to apply for work visas and to reside without threat of deportation as long as they were registered with the program.  Many Dreamers came out of the shadows and registered based on this promise and Trump’s actions.  A poll by NBC News found that about 59 percent of all Americans would prefer to see DACA continue in some form. In this issue, Trump has fallen behind most Americans.  So why is the president always on the opposite end of the moral spectrum–because he is, at heart, a selfish person.  His America first rhetoric at the United Nations is a great example.

The lack of good moral decisions have been plaguing the White House since the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

Trump has, from the outset, been the worst example of how a President should conduct himself personally and publicly.  His racist views and refusal to rebuke racist supporters who have been enfolded into the Trump camp have been documented by CNN, The Washington Post, and most damningly, his own words.  

“He’s a Mexican,” said Trump about a Mexican-American judge who was born in Indiana, on CNN, “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico. The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings — rulings that people can’t even believe.”

He has referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and attempted to bar transsexual persons from military service, without evidence or cause, and to the consternation of military leaders. He has even accused the first African-American president of not being a citizen, long after all evidence proved otherwise.  In short, there is no lack of evidence for the moral void that lies within our president.  This then, should leave no one surprised when he attacks, through twitter and mandate, those who often have very little in the way of defense.

There is nothing wrong with being a selfish person when you are the CEO of a company, but as a world leader, the good of all of citizens and the people within your borders is the most important thing to consider, often at the expense of being liked. When a president cannot be bothered to condemn what is wrong, but respond to detractors in petty tweets, it is no wonder that this pettiness would bleed into the policies of the White House.

We must not allow the weaknesses of Trump’s character affect our character as a nation.  Trump would have the country move backward in its thinking. Back to a time when we incarcerated Asian-Americans without due process or barred them from the country entirely. He would have us forget when “No Irish or dogs” signs hung in the windows of businesses in New York.  He would have us forget the little we have learned from our own shameful mistakes and perpetrate them again against another group of outsiders.  This is Trump’s vision for America.

The only way to make sure that Trump’s vision does not become a reality is to demonstrate courage like that of the LACCD’s  simple letter of compassion to a scared group of adoptive Americans who are, according to the letter, “…integral and valued members of our LACCD family.”

When American leadership is honest with itself and takes responsibility for its country, it becomes clear that waiting for moral leadership or guidance from an office that is so bereft of the concept of right and wrong is not the way to move the country forward. We move forward by keeping our promises and having the courage to stand up, even against the president of the United States.   

LACCD made a bold statement with its letter but more than that, they showed that having the courage to do the right thing is an obligation that leadership must fulfill.

Your thoughts?