Keep politics out of the classroom

Professors at Valley College are discussing politics in all subjects and it needs to stop.


By Harrison McQuinn, Sports Editor

Politics can divide California quicker than the San Andreas Fault, and here at Valley it is not stopping professors from bringing them up in lecture.

In a survey conducted on campus, 27 out of 36 students answered yes to the following question: Has a professor brought up politics while lecturing in a non-political science course during your time at Valley College?

Having grown up in a politically-divided household, I find the importance of multiple perspectives imperative in becoming a critical thinker.

It is no secret that California, being the blue state, leans to the left. Because of this, students are generally limited to one point of view.

The solution is not giving a voice to more conservative views, but rather to avoid the topic when possible.

Professors possess a level of credibility that is being either undermined or exploited completely. When in lecture, students are taking notes and absorbing information as facts.

A campus librarian came to my statistics class to give a PowerPoint presentation on how to utilize the college’s online resources when researching scholarly articles.

During her presentation, the librarian diverted from the lecture for a solid few minutes to talk about the Trump Administration, its lack of experience in certain departments such as Urban House and Development, and its potential to publish fake studies.

The main concern over professors and speakers going off on these tangents is that it generally does not encourage students to do their own research but to accept the position and take it on themselves.

Additionally, it takes time away from actual lessons and inhibits students from reaching the learning outcomes explicitly stated on the syllabus.

An important goal of Valley is to provide its students the tools to succeed in graduating or transferring to a university, and one of those tools, critical thinking, is being jeopardized as long as professors continue to bring up their own politics.

Your thoughts?