New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson comes to Hollywood to talk reform, visit Kimmel

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson recently rallied for reform in Hollywood 

Staff Writer, Paul Rosenbusch

Clad in his infamous blue jeans and black sport coat, New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson recently took the stage at 3 Boulevard to unite the disenchanted Republicans and Democrats of Hollywood.

Over 500 people from around Southern California gathered to watch as the hopeful Libertarian candidate spoke about his popular small-government and free-market policies.

“Providing leadership, standing back and then challenging both sides to come to the table to deal with the issues that this country faces,” said the two-term governor of New Mexico.

Some of Johnson’s most popular positions on critical issues in America include setting term limits on house and senate, as well as protecting your privacy from unwarranted government monitoring.

With less than a week until election, increasing pressure between competing political campaigns and the media outlets that back them has created a debate over who is the worst candidate. When all the political parties are pointing their fingers to blame for the discourse in our government, we are abandoned with only our moral compass to guide us to determine how to vote.

The governor of the border state of New Mexico is also an advocate of immigration reform, creating a more efficient system for providing work visas and incentivizing non-citizens to pay their taxes.

“We should make it as easy as possible for someone who wants to come into this country and work to be able to get a work visa,” Johnson said, “And a work visa should entail a background check and social security card so that applicable taxes get paid.”

The audience gave some of the most applause on opposition to crony capitalism, setting term limits, along with pardoning Edward Snowden for leaking information about the spying on citizens unwarranted in America.  

After giving his usual stump speech, Johnson joined the crowd to shake hands and take selfies, and answer questions one-on-one before he departed to appear on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show.”


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