Jobs Bring Holiday Cheer

Copanies and retail stores look to hire college students for the holiday season.

By Romeo Gonzalez, Sports Editor

Students looking for extra cash for the holidays, tis the season to look for a job.

According to USA Today, 45 percent of companies like to recruit college students.

“Looking for a seasonal job in the winter is a good experience for students,” said engineering major Jaime Lopez. “A lot of companies tend to hire during the winter. This gives a lot of students looking for a job an opportunity to get one.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, stores and distribution centers are likely to add 665,800 workers. That is an 11 percent drop from last year when 751,800 seasonal workers were employed.

“I personally think the Christmas season is a great time to get hired but one of the worst times to keep the job after the season ends,” said Target shift manager Michael Lopez. “There are just so many people we hire during the season, that usually less than 10 percent of them get kept.”

Target said the company would be hiring 70,000 seasonal employees this year—20 percent less than in 2012. The retail store wants to give its current workers a chance to pick up extra holiday working hours.

Another major store, Walmart, stated it would be hiring 55,000 holiday workers. The company will move 35,000 currently employees to a part time status while another 35,000 employees will be moved from part time to full time.

Toys “R” Us will look to hire 45,00 employees to help during the holiday season. More than 2,300 seasonal workers will be hired in the Los Angeles area alone.

“The fact is that retailers are getting smarter about staffing,” John A. Challenger, the chief executive of the Challenger consultancy, said to the L.A. Times. “The era of big data has armed everyone with the information they need to more accurately predict the ebbs and flows in sales activity and adjust hiring accordingly.”

The less amount of job opportunities there are this winter could be due to the fact that this year there were more job opportunities during the months of March and April, before summer began.

Retailers added 482,000 employees, 42 percent more than last year, according to the L.A. Times.

Other places looking for holiday help include tourist attractions, such as Universal City Walk.

“We will hire during the Christmas season, and we will most likely let them go when the season is over,” said Sparky’s manager Chris Poyer. ““If they are really good, then we might keep them, but they will work a very small amount of hours per week.”

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