Job Shadow Program Aids Students With Their Ambitions

Valley College’s long running Job Shadow program orientations have started with much

enthusiasm this semester.

The program takes 55-60 students a year, because they spend time to find these amazing

opportunities for Monarchs to explore their options. The downside of this is that they

have already reached capacity, with less than a weeks worth of promotion.

The program has been around for 12 years at Valley, and it is collaborating with Junior

Achievement, an internationally used program.

The sole jobs of Director of the Career Transfer Center, Clive Gordon, and Career/

Technical Education counselor Andres Cruzalegu, are to get Monarchs ready for their

lives after graduation.

“The Job Shadow program is an additional resource,” Gordon said, “that we offer where

we assist the students who are trying to decide on a particular career path.”

It is a great chance for people who are on the fence between two different paths to

experience a work environment and gauge to see if they could possibly excel.

The hour-long required orientation gives Monarchs a chance to see what the program is

all about.

“I never knew about this,” said computer science major Steven Mendoza. “If I would

of known earlier, I would have attempted to sign up sooner; but next semester I am

definitely going to sign up on time.”

The Valley counseling department also gives academic advice, but it is mostly based on

how to achieve your degree.

The Career/Transfer center encourages students to make an appointment with a counselor

and ask them about career specific questions, even though the program is already at

capacity that students should make .

“It’s an opportunity for them to get exposure to the industry they are considering or

pursuing.” Crusalegui said.

If you want to try to squeeze into one of the few remaining spots, there are still

informational meetings taking place Monday, March 3 through Thursday, March 6 in the


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