Job Board Getting Monarchs Jobs

Valley students are given a opportunity to get jobs through the new Job Board program that the Cooperation Education/Job Resource Center help create.

By: Stephanie Mendoza, Staff Writer


Valley College students may not be aware that the Cooperation Education/Job Resource Center has collaborated with College Central Network to provide students with jobs.

Many Monarchs are not informed of the online Job Board option, especially with many students currently searching for jobs. Students will be pleased to know that there are no deadlines for this program.

“I did not know that the school helped students look for jobs,” said veterinary science major Cassandra Calix. “I’m not currently looking for a job, but if I was, I would look at the website.”

Students, alumni, and even community members are allowed to register, employers are allowed to seek for employees through the Job Board website. Through this online Job Board employers can look at the resumes that Monarchs provide.

The website offers many opportunities to those that register. To register students must create an account, with their student ID and a password. Then students must fill out basic information and past work history that is required.

Jobs that are shown to Valley students are exclusive because the website is specific to Monarchs.  Students are given the opportunity to manage a work portfolio called the Career Portfolio Central, demonstrating to future employers their work history.

The website also helps build your resume, if students have not created one yet. It also informs students about programs and job-related topics. Lastly, students gain access to upcoming events, career advice and announcements.

“I know the school has the website,” said sociology major Darcy Cardoza. “I would like to see what positions are available, I would like more information. I would like to see what positions there are that interest me.”

Monarchs can go on the Job Board website, and begin to look for jobs. All services provided on the College Central Network for Valley College are available 24 hours and seven days a week.

If students have any questions they can call the Cooperative Education/Job Resource Center at (818) 947-2334, or email them at


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