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VALLEY LIFELINE: Scholarships are just waiting to be awarded.

By Jazmine Sanchez, Staff Writer

Being a student is all about preparing for the future, especially for those interested in earning scholarships. Although Monarchs can’t apply for anything at the Los Angeles Valley College Foundation this semester, they can do the work to get scholarships elsewhere.

The foundation, just north of the Emergency Services Building, is the place students should visit if they are looking for scholarship money. According to foundation officials, they offer “around 30 scholarships” for different types of students.

The process is simple: Students are encouraged to head to the foundation office in January and fill out a generic application, provide information such as major, number of units earned or in process of completing, and GPA. After they have given those details, they are matched up with specific scholarship applications.

Foundation officials encourage students to drop by the office every semester to see what new scholarships are available or check online with major companies such as Coca-Cola or organizations such as the College Board and FAFSA. The foundation warns to be careful when applying for applications, and to  “never to give out personal information unless it’s a legitimate source.”

Here are some scholarships available to Monarchs.

Courage to Grow Scholarship Students with a 2.5 GPA or higher are eligible to apply. An essay of 200 words or less has to be submitted as to why one believes they should be awarded the scholarship. The amount is $500 and the deadline to apply is Sept. 30. The website for this scholarship is

No Essay Scholarship Eligible to all students and also to those enrolling within the next 12 months.  The amount is $2,000 and the deadline is Sept. 30. The website for this scholarship is

The College Board The website offers a page in which you will fill out a survey where it then leads you to scholarships, other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs based on your answers. The website is

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