It might as well be spring

The spring semester is coming soon, and now classes are here for students to choose from. 

By Jorge Belon, Editor in Chief

Current or future Monarchs can begin scheduling their spring semester as the catalog is now available for students.

The session running from Feb. 9th to June 7th, 2015 will have 608 courses to choose from, including non-credit classes. There are 60 more courses then the previous spring. With music and art classes having the most courses to chooses from, with a combined 80. The major core classes, English, mathematics, history and different science classes have a combined 87 courses. Spring will also include 19 Non-Credit Courses, with English As a Second Language (ESL) leading the way with 11 sections and 18 classes.

“I am excited to sign up already,” said art major Monica Campos. “I already picked out my classes, I just have to wait till I can sign up, and hopefully the classes are still there.”

There are seven different priority registration groups; the first group of students was allowed to enroll for classes since Nov. 17. Those Monarchs were military veterans, foster youth, EOPS, DSPS and CalWORKs. The second group, are fully matriculated continuing students were allowed to sign up for classes on Nov. 20.  

And for those who do not know what a matriculate student means, here is the definition for a community college student in California: A matriculated student is someone who is going to school for the purpose of a achieving degree and transferring. And a non matriculated student is someone who is attending school, but does not have the purpose of transferring or getting an Associate’s Degree. 

The third group is made up of either fully matriculated new or returning students, and they were allowed to register son Nov. 28. The fourth group, the non-matriculated continuing students, signed up on Dec. 8. The fifth group began to enroll on Dec. 15, and they are the students who do not have good academics or are on probation.

The sixth group consists of new or returning Monarchs who applied after the cutoff date to assign priority registration appointments. They will be able to pick classes starting Dec. 19. And for the last group they will be able to choose classes on Dec 21., and they are high school students who signed up after the cutoff date.

“I am returning to school,” said Jackie Chavez, a City Walk employee who plans on attending Valley. “I imagine that I will get the leftovers, so I will just grab what I can for spring.”

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