iPhone 6 to be released in Fall

The highly anticipated new device and what we know about it.

By: October Primavera, staff writer

This year, just like the previous 7, there is much anticipation about the new iPhone. From various rumors and “leaked photos” on social media and blogging websites, it is hard to know who to believe.


We will know a lot more about the new operating system that is planning to roll out around the same time as the new device during WWDC in early June, but the idea of Healthbook for iOS 8 has been in talks for a long time, a comprehensive app for monitoring and maintaining your health and daily activities.


“Because iOS 7 introduced a major redesign, iOS 8 is said to retain largely the same look, with Apple focusing on adding additional features to the operating system,” says Macrumors.com, a site known for its accuracy in the past.


As far as the hardware goes, the biggest and most notable improvement will be size, the speculated sizes are 4.7 inches (up from 4) and 5.5 inches, making them seem more Android style than ever before.


“I don’t think that they need to become more like an Android, iPhone is already great and easy to use,” states public health major Nichole Costales, 20.


While the size increase is drawing mixed reactions, these duel sizes will not be coming out concurrently, the 4.7 is due to roll out either September or October while the 5.5 probably won’t reach shelves until the end of this year or early next.


Other notable improvements will be a better quality camera, faster A8 processor, and what they claim will be longer battery life.


In regards to if there will be a C model like the last generation, the variation that is being highlighted is the two screen sizes and there is no indication of the rainbow collection again.

Apple is known for keeping things pretty tightly under wraps and they could easily surprise us, but these are some good guidelines to help you decide if you should start saving now.

Your thoughts?