Incoming students looking for books

For students in search of textbooks, there are many places on and off campus that might have what they are looking for.

By Lon Dominguez, News Editor

Students in search of books will likely go to the LAVC Monarch Store first but there are a few other spots students should keep in mind such as off campus bookstores, online and other students looking to sell their books.

Monarchs choosing to go the the bookstore should expect  long lines and wait times the first couple of weeks and to check in their belongings before entering, so be prepared.  Students should be aware that not all courses require the most recent edition of a textbook and older editions of books for a cheaper price may also work.  For more information on how to buy and sell books at the bookstore call 818-947-2313 or visit the bookstore website at

Around campus there are bulletin boards filled with flyers offering students a wide assortment of goods, services, job opportunities, places to stay and books.  The bulletin boards are located in most buildings on campus such as the main hallways of the foreign language, engineering, and math buildings, as well as the first floor of the campus center.     

Flyers offering books for sale are also posted on walls and poles around campus, usually outside buildings where the related subjects are taught; for example a kinesiology book may be posted outside one of the gyms or a sociology book will be posted on a pole outside the behavioral science building.

The library also keeps some textbooks on reserve for students to use in the library— simply give the title, author, or edition of the textbook to the front desk librarian and they will check to see if they have it.  Students will need to have their student ID card and must keep the textbook in the library as these books are not for checkout.  For information about the library call 818-778-5716 or visit their page on the LAVC website and for information about book rentals call 818-947-2717.

For those looking off campus there are online options such as Amazon, eBay, BookFinder, or Campusbooks. Compare various online prices by using the ISBN number usually printed above the book’s barcode.

Amazon has Kindle Textbook Rental available for those with  an Amazon account and a valid credit card. Many students also sell their used books through various online ads, such as Craigslist and Letgo.

There are also brick-and-mortar stores that have sorely needed books like Woodland Textbooks located near Pierce College which has a large stock of textbooks for courses at both campuses and allows students to rent with a credit card. Woodland Textbooks is located at 20938 Victory Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91367 and for more information about the store call 818-712-9462 or visit their website at

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