ICC Welcoming New Clubs of Valley College

Five new clubs are now available for Monarchs to join.

By: Alexandra Avendaño



Five new clubs were on the verge of joining The Inter Club Council (ICC) of the Associated Student Union (ASU) of Valley College. The meeting was held on Thursday at the ASU Conference Room.

Representatives from each chartered club on campus make up the ICC. They were all present in the meeting to vote on whether the proposed clubs would be authorized to join the array of the 17 established clubs at Valley.

The meeting consisted of representatives of the five new potential clubs, which consist of the Gardening Club, the Buddhist Peace Club, the Business Econ Club, the Broadcasting Club, and the Respiratory Care Advocates (RCA) Club.

“Our club is hoping to let people know about the smoking sensation that continues to be a worldwide epidemic,” said RCA representative and respiratory therapy major Roxy Shakhbazyam. “Now that we’re official, we can do that.”

The Buddhist Peace Club’s purpose is to attempt to educate students on the value of human life and promote peace at Valley. The Business Econ Club will be there for all students who want to discuss the world economy. As for the Gardening Club, they have plans to expand knowledge on how to garden for students who are interested.

“The goal with our club is to raise awareness internally in the school, and externally in the community,” said Broadcasting Club representative and broadcasting major, Matthew Piper. “We also want to help promote all the other clubs with the school’s radio station.”

After presenting their cases on what their clubs would offer to the culture at Valley, the ICC placed the induction of the club to a vote.

The five clubs were all approved, moving the numbers of clubs at Valley to 22. These new clubs will expand the campus’ culture by providing various ways to become involved for impassioned Valley students.

Other topics were discussed in the ICC meeting, including future events being held by the various clubs at Valley. This month, club day is on Mar. 19, while the toga-themed Spring Fling dance is on Mar. 28.

The ICC meets weekly on Thursdays at 1 p.m. in room 104 of the Campus Center. The public is welcomed to voice their concerns.

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