Horror Nights a-maze

ATTRACTION REVIEW: Universal Studios’ Halloween event brings the scares with new mazes

by Edward Ruano, Copy Editor

Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights gets bigger, better and bloodier each year. Yet with only six different mazes to scream in and hordes of bloodthirsty visitors all looking for frights, the park will probably need six more to appease their thirst for the ultimate scare.

After recent years, when Horror Nights became a Halloween phenomenon and leader in blood, guts and monsters in Southern California, the question in everyone’s mind of “did it beat last year?” was finally answered last month — it did.

For 21 nights from September to November, Universal Studios Hollywood is transformed into one of the most blood curling, nightmare inducing Halloween experiences. Filled with grotesque walk through attractions, intense, spine tingling scare zones, and hundreds of terrorizing, roaming scare actors, it is more than enough to leave even the most macho guests looking over their shoulders in paranoia.

This year, Horror Nights delivered with five brand new mazes: AMC’s “The Walking Dead”: No Safe Haven, “Evil Dead”: Book of the Dead, “Insidious”: Into the Further, Black Sabbath: 13 3D and El Cucuy: The Boogeyman. Returning this year is also a revamped Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection, and an all-new Terror Tram: Invaded by AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

The quality-over-quantity formula Universal Studios has adopted for its Halloween Horror Nights’ mazes and attractions has served well, with more victims coming back every year — and the formula is only getting more perfected. Although it has been an annual event for over two decades, Horror Nights show no signs of slowing down, growing old or getting repetitive.

The mazes are horrifying and disgusting, and the mood dressing is top-notch; from the frighteningly realistic sounds of chainsaws to the bloody carcasses dangling from ceilings. Horror Nights is an event that must not be missed, especially by Halloween fans and adrenaline junkies.

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