High-end Makeup Dupes Save You Money

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These dupes for expensive high-end products will save students money while still looking fabulous.

By: Monessa Chahayed, Staff Writer

Makeup lovers can look fabulous without breaking the bank while spending money on high-end beauty products by finding exact dupes at drug stores.


Achieving makeup looks inspired by celebrities or beauty gurus has never been easier when drug store brands such as Maybelline, e.l.f., or Covergirl offer similar products that are inexpensive; these brands can be found at Target or Walgreens. There are tons of beauty gurus like Michelle Phan and Kandee Johnson on YouTube that do makeup tutorials using high-end makeup brands such as MAC, Urban Decay, Chanel, and NARS. Students like Robin Powell, 20, save money when they find similar products for under half the price.


“I go to stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls because they have good brands at discount prices,” said Powell, engineering major.


One of MAC’s most popular matte lipsticks, Diva, is a whopping $16. According to MAC at Macy’s in the Burbank Town Center, this intense reddish-burgundy color was sold out this past holiday season, causing them to re-stock. If you want to purchase this pricey lipstick, head to the nearest Macy’s, Nordstrom, or MAC store.


If finding one of these stores is a hassle, or the lipstick is out of your price range, any drug store will carry Wet n Wild’s “Cherry Bomb,” an exact replica of Diva. At only $1.99, you can get the same bold color and velvety matte finish.


When Valley College students were asked to tell the difference between the two lipsticks, only 8 out of 20 Monarchs could tell that Cherry Bomb and Diva were from two different brands; students can save $14 by choosing Wet n Wild’s Cherry Bomb. A few students noticed a slight color difference between the two, but 18-year-old undecided major Cassy Sotolongo could not tell them apart.


“The only difference is the price, you could buy seven of the Wet n Wild lipsticks for the price of one MAC,” Sotolongo said.


One of the cheapest brands at any drug store is e.l.f. Its products range from $1 to $10 and are exact copies of high-end makeups. Makeup users can agree that primer is a crucial step in beauty routines; as the base of your foundation, primer gives a smooth surface to work with as well as helping your makeup last all day. An inexpensive option is e.l.f.’s Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer; compared to Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer at $36, e.l.f.’s primer is only $6.


Sometimes high end products are worth splurging for, but students will not regret doing their research before buying.

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