He’ll never go out of style

George Perez looks good and saves money buying quality wholesale pieces.

By Monessa Chahayed, Online Editor

Twenty four-year-old George Perez’s wardrobe consists of neutral and earth tones that never go out of style.

The communications major is not afraid to mix patterns and colors for a down-to-earth look.

Buying clothes wholesale has saved Perez a lot of money over time. He has built relationships with shop owners in Downtown Los Angeles who contact him when there are sample sales and other deals going on.

“When you start to get more versed in downtown, you start making friends. You have to constantly be going and making relationships with the people that are in charge of that.”

If he isn’t shopping wholesale, he will wait until the end of the season at any clothing store when everything goes on sale.

SPOTTED - George Perez mixing patterns and neutral colors effortlessly.Alvin Cuadra / Valley Star

SPOTTED – George Perez mixing patterns and neutral colors effortlessly.

Today he wears a black Trilby hat and a cream patterned scarf over a blue and white patterned button-up paired with dark blue jeans and brown oxford Sperry’s. The button-up was purchased in DTLA and was made from the same supplier as Urban Outfitters, which he says retails for about $75, and he bought for $20.

Perez could not go without his favorite accessory: a Penguin watch which, compared to the rest of his outfit, may be the most expensive piece. The watches retail at upwards of $100. Other than watches, he will simply accessorize with a hat every now and then.

In middle school, Perez learned that first appearances are everything through his psychologist father. He watched wealthy clients come and go, admiring the effort they all put into their appearance.

“I learned early on in life that first appearances mean everything because you never know what kind of doors are going to open for you.”

His motivation to put a look together for school is partly because he goes to work at a furniture company after class, however, after college he plans to join a PR firm as a junior publicist. When Perez isn’t working or going to school, he is going out with friends whether its a night out in the city or a day of hiking. For a night out, he will choose a bold color or pattern he said, “just to add flair.”

Perez loves finding durable utility items that will last him a long time such as military bags and the backpack he wears today that he got as a Christmas gift. He not only looks for these pieces because they are well made but he also pulls inspiration from the 40s and 50s in that the style is timeless.

“When you’re really into fashion you understand that fashion recycles and when you buy something classic, it can last you a long time because it’s a timeless piece.”

Perez admires his father’s style over anyone in the media. He remembers watching his dad put a suit on every morning for work and says he has good taste.

“If I did have somebody that was my inspiration [in the media] it would be very cookie-cutter … that’s the thing about style, you can’t copy from anybody. Style is like flair. Everybody has their own unique style.”


George Perez Likes:

Music: Pop Winds

TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Girls

Style Idol: His dad

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