Heatwave leaves LA residents in dark

Last week’s heatwave causes rolling blackouts in Los Angeles for several hours.

By Harrison McQuinn, staff writer

Thousands of residents from Downey to Northridge were left without power after last week’s heat wave took its toll on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Tuesday night.

Fire dangers, outages, and heat-stroke risks were high last week according to a warning issued by the National Weather Service. Los Angeles reached a high of 110 degrees on Tuesday, causing the county to turn to their air conditioners and fans resulting in a blackout.

“Our crews are working hard to restore power,” claimed the LADWP multiple times throughout night via twitter.

Flex Alerts, instructional warnings on lowering energy use during heatwaves, have been issued over local radio stations in effort to conserve energy and prevent blackouts.

North Hills resident James McCue commented, “The Flex Alerts don’t do anything.. Everyone uses the A/C anyways.”

The heatwave had left its mark prior to the power failure, including a fire in Chatsworth on Monday.  The blaze took out a 3-story home leaving one person injured.

Tuesday night’s brownout did not match early July’s outage following an explosion at a LADWP facility in Northridge, however.  According to ABC7 Eyewitness News approximately 140,000 residents were left without power in July. The number of those affected by Tuesday’s outage was estimated in the 10,000.

The LADWP advises 3 steps in preventing outages during heatwaves: use appliances after 9 PM, turn off unneeded lights, and most importantly, adjust the air conditioner to 78 degrees or higher.

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