Have your cake and don’t wish for more

MEDIA ARTS ANNUAL STUDENT SCREENING – “Birth Day Wish” premieres on the big screen this Saturday, granting the wish of its director.

By Katherine O’Rourke, Staff Writer

For Cinema 101 alumnus Jesus Padilla, putting a twist on classic tropes is icing on the cake.

His 1-minute film, “Birth Day Wish” finds a man about to blow out his birthday candles. In the breadth of his breath, he envisions a life with the beautiful woman he’s just met. He soon realizes that sometimes wishes do not always come true.

“I actually had three different endings for this film and I had to edit the right one,” said Padilla. “the initial ending didn’t go over very well when I showed it to the class. So I changed it to the ending everyone will see on Saturday.”

Padilla enjoyed his experience in Cinema 101 but was disappointed by the lack of equipment available to Valley College students. Cameras, lights, and sound equipment have to be individually acquired by students. But, Padilla admits that the obstacle made him more resilient as a filmmaker.

“When you leave school, you’re going to have to search for these kinds of things. So, I think that’s a good by product of the lack of funding.”

Jesus will be premiering two films at the screening. His second coming, “Feel Good,” was made in the Fall 2013 semester.

“Birth Day Wish”

Written & Directed by Jesus Padilla.

Staff Writer Katherine O’Rourke is a media arts student with a film in the showcase.

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