Gone but not forgotten

MEDIA ARTS ANNUAL STUDENT SCREENING – “See You Later” is a tribute to loss and healing that will premiere at Saturday’s screening.

By Katherine O’Rourke

No goodbye is forever.

“See You Later” follows two people through a graveyard and the process of moving on. The 1-minute film asserts that those who have been lost remain within the hearts of those left behind.

Director Danielle Miller says the remembrance piece is dedicated to all who have suffered the pang of loss.

“It was an homage to my grandparents but I wanted everyone to be able to relate to the film on their own personal level. That’s why I never stated just what relationship the two characters have.” said Miller.

Balancing a full time job along with a full class schedule, Miller says this project was incredibly difficult to pull off. But it was also one of the most rewarding experiences she’d had in a long time. She cannot wait to watch an audience enjoy her film.

“There’s something magical and really inspiring about actually seeing something like this come to life. The class reminded me why I chose film as my major and really rekindled my interest in directing.” said Danielle Miller.

“See You Later” is written & directed by Danielle Miller.

Staff Writer Katherine O’Rourke is a media arts student with a film in the showcase.

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