Give blood at Valley College

Fifteen minutes of your time at the blood drive can save up to three lives.

by Ana Ramos

The American Red Cross will return to Valley for their monthly visit on July 27 hoping to reach their goal of 37 units of blood, which can save up to about 111 lives.

At Valley College, the number of donors for each month usually stays between 30 to 40 students.

“30 or 40 student donors for every visit is not a lot,” said Daisy Llerenas, Collection Technician for The Red Cross. “We need more students and we’re hoping for more today.”

Donating blood is as simple as meeting the height and weight criteria, being 16 years of age or older, being in good health (which means, not being sick), not havig traveled to high-risk areas inside and about 15 minutes of your time. And let’s not forget that donating blood not only benefits the person getting the blood, but also the person that is donating it.

“Donating blood not only is beneficial for the recipient of the blood transfusion but also for the donor,” said Mercy Pineda, Vocational Nurse at The Red Cross. “Every time a person donates blood, the body gets stimulated and generates new blood.”

The Red Cross serves all the hospitals in Southern California, especially the ones with emergency rooms. Donors are encouraged to come to Monarch Hall between 9am and 3pm on Thursday July 27th,

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