Getting up close and personal with the Hollywood sign

 With a little planning and a short stroll, hikers can get a close look at the Hollywood sign and take a few photos to boot.

By Savannah Simmons, Staff Writer 

If you’re looking for an easy outdoor activity that will get your heart rate up, the hike to the Hollywood Sign is a super accessible, fun, and casual way to do so with a spectacular view at the end of the road.

The Hollywood Sign is an iconic part of Los Angeles that was first erected in 1923 reading HOLLYWOODLAND to advertise for a housing development company. It has since eliminated the LAND and now reads HOLLYWOOD, and is sought out by many tourists for the perfect selfie.

Getting to the Hollywood Sign is fairly easy. Begin your journey by parking your car on Canyon Lake Drive right next to Lake Hollywood Park where you’ll see people playing with their kids and dogs running around. Canyon Lake Drive turns into Mulholland Highway, which is the street you will use to get to the hiking trail.

As you start walking, you will see that you are in the middle of a residential neighborhood, so please remember to be courteous. Once that paved street ends, you’ll see a large dirt trail with some signs that may make you want to turn around but don’t hesitate, look closely and you will see a posted sign welcoming all visitors to the trail.

The hike up to the view point is about 2.2 miles and will take around 45 minutes to reach the sign. Many people bring their dogs, some people run, and some bike the trail. Along the trail, there  are opportunities for picture photographs and great conversations. Once at the top, you’ll be behind the sign overlooking Lake Hollywood and if is clear out, you’ll even be able to see downtown.

Make sure to pack water and snacks because you will break a sweat. Also, pick a time that’s right for you, going early in the morning is perfect because of the cool temperature and great way to start off your day.

Happy hiking!


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