Get home safe with Lyft

 Controlling your ride has never been easier with the Lyft app.

By: Monessa Chahayed, staff writer


Using ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber can be an easy, safe, and budget-friendly alternative to taxi cabs.


Lyft and Uber are two similar ridesharing companies that are accessed through apps. Using these services have proved to be cheaper than a taxi; Lyft even offers a coupon for $25 off your first ride if a friend recommends you. The rides are usually not that expensive in the first place, so your first time using the service could most likely be free.


The Lyft app is easy to use and provides a list of drivers to choose from as well as information about each one. Credit card information is stored for future rides and everything is controlled through the app. Passengers can choose what kind of car they want or need depending on how many people need a ride. Nursing major Angela Ovsepyan prefers these services over using a taxi.


“I use Uber quite often,” 26-year-old Ovsepyan said. “It’s definitely cheaper thana taxi and the app is great because you have a picture of the driver with their information before they pick you up.”


The main difference between the two companies is that Uber hires mostly professional drivers, while Lyft hires everyday people and trains them to become drivers. Both companies go through similar safety and training procedures; these drivers essentially have the same credentials as a taxi driver. Passengers may find Lyft or Uber drivers much friendlier than taxi drivers. 36-year-old Valley student Dorian Jackson also notes that an Uber driver can also be more trustworthy.


“I lost my phone in a cab and I never saw it again, I left one in an Uber and got it back the very next day,” Jackson said.


Another concern people may have before using these services is, of course, about safety. Lyft performs background and DMV record checks; they will also inspect a driver’s car and make sure the model year is year 2000 or newer. Passengers and drivers rate each other after every ride and if a passenger rates a driver below 4 stars, they are never matched with that driver again. If a driver’s average falls below 4½ out of 5 stars, they are removed from the Lyft community as a way of maintaining high-quality standards.


Passengers planning a night out can get to their destinations and back safely, quickly and cheaply by using these ridesharing services.

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