Germany survives the Algerian scare, and barely advances to the quarterfinals

The two goal scorers for Germany: André Schürrle (Right) and Mesut Özil (Left), celebrate after escaping a close call against Algeria on Monday at Porto Alegre. BBC

The two goal scorers for Germany: André Schürrle (Right) and Mesut Özil (Left), celebrate after escaping a close call against Algeria on Monday at Porto Alegre.

Round of 16: Germany came in as the heavy favorites to win some predicted the Germans to steamroll Algeria. However, the Desert Warriors proved to pack more of a punch then the Eagles expected. 

By Jorge Belon, Editor in Chief

PORTO ALEGRE– The Eagles would finally secure the victory in the 119th minute when Mesut Özil buried the ball into the back of the net to send Germany to the quarterfinals on Monday afternoon with a 2-1 victory.

Özil received the ball at the heart of the penalty box, he then quickly gave it to André Schürrle, and the Chelsea midfielder took a low hard shot to the net. A scrambling Algerian defender poorly cleared the ball; the Arsenal play maker controlled the rebound, and blasted the ball to give Germany the 2-0 lead, and eventually 2-1 victory.

“You need to catch your breath after a game like that,” German Coach Joachim Löw told “At the end it was sheer force of will that got us the win. We didn’t get into our rhythm in the first half and lost a lot of balls, but we were the better team after the break and in extra time.”

This 120th minute match was a game that the Germans would like to forget, because at the start of the match, the Algerians were all over the German defense.

In fact they not only caused the Eagles goalie Manuel Neuer to make three huge save, but also to run out of his box to clear the ball or slide tackle the ball away from a Desert Warrior.

However, Germany realized very quickly after Algeria had a goal taken away, because of off side call at the 17th minute; that the game is nowhere near under control and they could very easily lose the match.

Though, the Eagles did not get inset themselves in the game until late in the second half. With Schürrle getting involved in the game and Thomas Müller was able to get some shots on target. However, the Algerian goalie Rais M’Bolhi was there to stop them from taking the lead in regular time and most of the overtime. He would end up making 10 saves by the end of the game.

“We played against a very strong Germany team and conceded two goals late on,” M’Bolhi told “We’re very disappointed because we felt we had a chance. Fitness wasn’t the decisive factor.”

At the start of the first period of over time, Schürrle was able to flick the ball into the back of the net at the 92nd minute. Müller sent a cross into the box, as the ball traveled through a sea of legs. The Chelsea midfielder would make the slightest of touches to send the ball into the bottom right hand corner.

Germany had finally taken the lead, and they felt the floodgates opening. However, M’Bolhi would continue frustrating the German attack, until Özil broke through to score the second goal of the match for the Eagles at the 119th minute.

The Desert Warrior did not give up after going down two goals, as they were able to score a few seconds left when substitute midfielder Abdelmoumene Djabou hammered in a cross from French native Sofiane Feghouli at the 120th minute, to end the game at 2-1.

The Germans survive a very scary moment, where an upset was almost a reality; but now they are going to meet the French in the quarterfinals on Friday, July the 4th at Rio de Janeiro. As for the Algerians they go home with a heavy heart.

Highlights to this match can be seen on this link, video provided by ESPN FC.


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