Fresh and Tasty Padrino’s Pizza is Sure to Please

Padrino’s Pizza offers a fresh and healthy twist to a classic dish.

by Karina Tovar, Staff Writer

The usually greasy, unhealthy, but deliciously tempting pizza, is now guilt free over at Padrino’s Pizza place.
This small yet comfy establishment offers a wide variety of options on the go that range from wings, pastas, sandwiches, and the childhood favorite calzones. Students can come by between the hours of 11 am and 10 pm for amazing food and a laid back environment to hangout in. Those looking to save money will also like that between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm lunch combo specials are offered at great deals. About $3 dollars will allow students to walk out with a filling Brooklyn style pizza slice and their choice of an Arizona Iced Tea, can of soda, or bottled water.
Students can also receive a 10% discount on regular priced items by showing their school ID. Wait time for a student grabbing a bite between classes is around five minutes. The entrees offer a Brooklyn style break from the usual fast food options located near campus.
“From the beginning I knew the style I was going for,” said owner Dan Farrands. “It’s made for students on the go.”
This mom n’ pop offers the freedom to create any combination of toppings on any entrée of your choice. From meat lovers to vegetarians, this place offers variety and freshness to all their dishes. The hand made pizza dough and sauce offer a much needed break from the greasiness offered at other fast food establishments that only leave you feeling groggy and unsatisfied when finished.
“The main point for us is to be able to control what we make,” said staff member Stefan Looft. “If we can make it in house, we will.”
The only downside to this establishment is the crammed parking lot. With parking spaces being shared between seven other establishments, trying to find parking for Padrino’s may discourage some students from stopping in for a quick bite. However, the fact that it is only a short walk away from campus solves this pizzeria’s minor issue.
“It’s a great place with great prices,” said computer science major Nelson Guardado while grabbing a bite to go before class.
Located at the corner of Burbank and Fulton next to the Video Hut, this delicious and welcoming pizzeria is sure to become a favorite to the classic pizza lovers and to those who are just looking to give their usual place a break.

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