Former English Chair no longer on campus

Alfred Zucker resigns from position; “leadership” of honor society called into question.

By Kevin Buckles Jr., Sports Editor

Former English Dept. Chairperson Alfred Zucker resigned from his position at Valley College on Aug. 31, according to President Erika Endrijonas.

Zucker had been on paid administrative leave since Aug. 12 because of “questions pertaining to his leadership of PTK [honor society Phi Theta Kappa] on campus,” said President Endrijonas, though she would not comment further on those questions due to the information being “personnel related.”

Endrijonas said administration was made aware of the honor-society issue at the end of the spring semester, but said it took two months to place Zucker on leave as information was gathered.

“There’s fact-finding that you have to do, so there was obviously fact-finding and [Aug. 12] seemed like the appropriate timing for the administrative leave.”

Endrijonas declined to comment on what facts were found that contributed to Zucker being placed on leave, but did mention that it might have been expedited had he not been vacationing during much of July.

Zucker was a professor at Valley for decades, along with being an advisor for both PTK and TAE (Tau Alpha Epsilon) on campus up until fall 2014. He has not yet responded to Valley Star requests for comment.

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  1. News that AL Zucker was compelled to resign his position at LAVC does not surprise me . There is a degree of duplicity involved throughout his leadership as chairperson h and administrators who may have looked the other way to the detriment of others in certain regards during his tenure should fill in some blanks.

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