Forging Equality Through Action

The feminist club works to make society a better place.

by: Brittany Bagwell, Valley Life Editor


The feminist club is all about action. Its members don’t just talk about gender equality or sociological scholarship, they seek ways to get Valley College students involved. They are inclusive, enthusiastic, and sincere in their desire to create a society where all people are considered and treated as equals.

“Our club mission is to enlighten people on feminism, that it’s not just about women. We will all have a better society if it’s 50/50 in the workforce and in life,” said Club President and sociology major Bridget Urena.

From voting on what charity to donate the proceeds from their last event, they moved right along to the next community event they were planning: a workshop on consent from a feminist zine called “Break the Silence.” In an entertaining and interactive format, the feminist club members plan on teaching proper social skills about boundaries.

The club members’ reasons for joining were as diverse as the group’s members. “I have 3 little sisters,” said Josh Eberhard, radiology major. “I see the misrepresentation of women in the media. I want to be able to give them a counter message. I’ve learned a lot and changed a lot since I joined.”

The media is certainly culpable for perpetuating stereotypes, unrealistic body image, and outdated gender roles. Women have less opportunity to contribute to conversations, even if they are qualified to voice opinions, they have less of chance to tell their story.

The Global Media Monitoring Project is the largest international study of gender in the media that publishes its findings every 5 years. In 2010, their study concluded that “women are grossly underrepresented in news coverage in contrast to men. The outcome of under representation is an imbalanced picture of the world, one in which women are largely absent.”

The feminist club at Valley is organizing to create a conversation, one where students can identify these gender inequalities that are present in their everyday lives. Becoming aware of how these cultural deficits hurt women and society at large is the first step in changing them.

The feminist club encourages anyone interested to stop by a meeting Monday and Wednesday, 1 – 2 pm in the Humanities Building room 107.

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