Food Truck Blues

Can students be forced to eat the same food from the same truck every day?

By Patricia Rivera, Staff  Writer

Valley College students never got their food cravings met. Their frequent cries for a bit of a change in their food selections were never answered.

Although Valley students did not mind the options from the infamous food truck, after a while they just got over it.

The plan to add another food truck by the engineering build- ing was never realized, so stu- dents still had to make the trek from the far side of campus just to get some thing from the same ol’ food truck every day.

“I just quit eating from the food truck,” said psychol- ogy major Steven Mejia. “It was good and all but I couldn’t only eat it so many times.”

Students do not see why they cannot have interchange- able trucks at least every other week or so.

The food truck fad contin- ues and yet Valley does not want to seem to jump on the bandwag- on and get more food options. Students should not have to pay the price for the cafeteria being closed.

The construction happening all over campus is a cross that students have to bear, but having no other alternatives to eat just makes everything so much more depressing.

As if parking was not hard enough, having to venture off of campus to find a different pallet pleaser is still the main choice for most students. Especially since nothing has changed in regards to the same, day after day, boring Valley College food truck.

There will not be a new cafeteria until 2015 and students should not have to wait that long for a change in their daily meal menu.

Your thoughts?