Filmmaker’s pain is viewers’ gain

MEDIA ARTS ANNUAL STUDENT SCREENING –  A woman finds her affections may be “Misplaced” in 1-minute film based on fact.

By Amanda Cavarretta, Staff Writer

In vino veritas.

Film student Laura Manning was inspired to write her film “Misplaced” from painful personal experience. A new relationship started to become very close. One night, after dinner, they went to his bedroom. As she walked in, she found a wine glass smudged with red lipstick. 

“I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was so upset,” said Manning. “Because we weren’t exclusively dating yet, there wasn’t much I could say. I went to bed, staring at the wine glass.”

Such an experience could give anyone trust issues. But during the production of her film, Manning tested her boundaries anyway. She cast her new fiancé to play the philanderer, and one of her friends as the woman.

“It was my idea to have the two of them kiss in a scene,” she said.

While filming this awkward kiss, Manning couldn’t help but laugh. She later found it difficult to edit over and over again. “It was hard to watch over and over again.

“Not only did I use what I learned in the classroom, I got to work hands on,” said Manning. “It can be challenging. You see it one way in your head, but then have to figure out how to film it all.”


Written & directed by Laura Manning

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