E-cigs Face Scrutiny

By October Primavera

Should e-cigarettes fall under the umbrella of Valley College’s strict anti-smoking policy? There are very few designated smoking areas on campus and it has been hotly debated if nicotine of the vapor variety should be limited to just those locations.

Digital cigarettes have undeniably become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, many rejoice over the invention due to their claims to be less harmful, the lack of lingering odor, and the countless cases of helping long-term habitual smokers to quit, but do they belong in school?

Rachel Liner, 20, a psychology major shares, “The smell of regular cigarettes bothers me, while digital doesn’t, and most of them smell sweet.”

With no evidence of any negative effects to anyone around this product, what could the harm be on smoking them in most, if not all, places? The new rules on campus don’t state either way if the rules apply to e-cigarettes but administration has told us that the schools work environment committee has recommended that digital cigarettes be treated the same as regular cigarettes and be limited to just the designated smoking areas. This has now been passed onto the President’s office, which holds the final decision. 

With news that there will be a decision either way in the near future, staff members weigh in on what they think about the idea of smoking in the buildings, “I support it in most situations but in the classroom I feel like, although not harmful, they would cause too much of a distraction.” Said Anthony Amey, assistant for the counseling department who can often be found helping students in the front office.

In the days where you smoked everywhere, you still didn’t smoke in the classroom. Should we be allowed to enjoy a form of recreation in the learning environment? Probably not, but there is a big difference between taking away from the educational experience and being restricted to four little sections of campus.


Your thoughts?