Donald John Trump Wins the Presidency

After a highly controversial campaign Donald John Trump becomes the next President of the United States of America.

By Solomon Smith, Editor in Chief

As of press time multiple news agencies have called Pennsylvania for Donald Trump all but assuring him the White House and the Presidency of the United States. The upset comes as a shock in one of the most contentious races in U.S. history. The outcome of this close contest had come down to several key states; Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan, among others. These states were supposed to be locked up for Clinton, according to early polls, but Trump has proven to be more competitive than expected.  Early in the race Clinton’s loss of Florida, with 29 electoral votes going to Trump, was a stumbling block that was difficult to overcome.

The contest came down to areas as small as districts- Pennsylvania oscillated back and forth as districts were reported, and the trading of the lead position added to the difficulty in calling this election.

The popular vote leaned in Clinton’s favor, however,  with almost two million more votes cast for her according to

For many. the choice was a hard one to make and it was reflected in the polls. Hillary Clintons’ latest approval rating of 56 percent of Americans saw her unfavorably. According to the latest Washington-Post-ABC News poll,  that is a significant boost from her low marks of 41 percent last July. Although Clinton still ranks lower than her Republican counterpart, who stands at 63 percent unfavorable ranking; but being the least unpalatable did not helping her to win over undecided voters. Clintons low favorability created for her a narrower path to victory than the last Democratic presidential candidate, President Barack Obama had- who has recently gained in favorability with a 56 percent job approval rating according to a recent Gallup poll.

Trump’s bombastic style and head butting with his own party has had very little effect on how his supporters feel about him. Many prominent Republicans had refused to lend their support to his campaign during its infancy. Ted Cruz, who in a speech that lasted almost twenty minutes during the Republican National Convention, refused to directly endorse Trump.Speaker of the House Paul Ryan also openly condemned Trumps’ treatment of women and initially refused to campaign for him, and still endorsed Trump. Clinton, however,  has received support from her side of the aisle. President Obama has stumped for her in several key states; talking directly about Trump uttering his popular, “Come on, man,” in Ohio, last October.

While commenting on Trump’s relationship with the working class Obama stated, “If a guy’s spent 70 years on this earth showing no regard for working people, there’s no record that he’s supported (the) minimum wage or supported collective bargaining, invested in poor communities, and then suddenly he’s going to be the champion of working people? Come on.”

Even Hollywood and the music industry loaned significant star power in an effort to bump the popularity of Clinton. On Monday night a concert, with performers like Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Lady Gaga was held in New York City in a last ditch effort to whip up Clinton support. Impassioned speeches and star power, ultimately were not enough to help Clinton maintain her declining lead in the polls, leading to the stunning loss of Clinton through the Electoral College with 232 votes for Clinton, and the strong lead of Trumps’ 306 electoral votes.  

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