Domestic abuse, let’s talk about it

Angel Faith speaks about domestic violence for a sexual assault workshop held in the LARC 203.Alvin Cuadra / Photographer

Angel Faith speaks about domestic violence for a sexual assault workshop held in the LARC 203.

Valley’s Violence-Prevention Advocacy Team provided a space for Monarchs to learn about and discuss domestic abuse.

By Zaida Diaz, Valley Life Editor

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) the Student Health Center and Violence-Prevention Advocacy Team held a sexual violence prevention workshop last month at the Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC) 203.

On April 28, Student Psychological Services intern Angel Faith spoke about abusive relationships and provided Monarchs with information regarding prevention and ways to help sexual assault survivors and victims.

According to Faith, one in six college women have been sexually abused in a dating relationship. “That’s a lot and I think we don’t talk about it enough and individuals do feel a lot of shame and embarrassment,” said Faith. “So it’s a silenced suffering.”

“Things still happen even within relationships like rape, molestation or unwanted forced sex,” she said.

Faith listed a number of red flags, or indications of beginning stages of abuse. Some included cruelty to animals, control of finances, extreme jealousy, verbal abuse and possessiveness.

“They’re exerting their power, their authority over you through little forms of manipulation. They’re testing the boundaries and limitations,” said Student Health Center’s Outreach Coordinator Chelsea Schafer. “Those are things that my mother never talked to me about, but I’ve learned through personal experience or through talking with friends.”

For friends who want to provide help to someone in an abusive relationship, Faith says it’s best to refrain from “judging, blaming, pressuring and placing conditions on your support.”

To conclude the workshop, students were provided with resources and hotlines available to students like the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita Valley, (661)245-4357.

For Monarchs who wish to learn more information regarding domestic violence, sexual assault or counseling contact the Student Health Center at (818) 778-5708 or visiting their website

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