Deputy Velasco feels at home

By: Alton Pitre, Staff Writer

There is a new Sheriff walking on the campus of Valley College, and his name is Deputy Frank Velasco.

Deputy Velasco was newly named the deputy sheriff at Valley. He was previously at East Los Angeles College where he was also deputy for six of the past nine years.

He has been a deputy sheriff for 18 years, and prior to arriving at Valley, Velasco worked as a patrol deputy at the Pico Rivera Station for six years. From there he transferred to Los Angeles Community College District and was assigned to ELAC.

“I’ve received a warm welcome from everyone including students, staff and faculty,” said Velasco. “Everyone seems to be real happy and get along well. You can feel the positive energy coming to Valley College and I’m very happy to be here.”

It has been a month since Deputy Velasco’s first day on the job at Valley, and he loves it. According to Velasco, Valley College was his number one choice of campuses to work at. He is delighted by the beautiful Sheriff’s station and commends the students, staff, officers and cadets who all seem to be well-rounded individuals.

The personal mission of Deputy Velasco and the Sheriff’s Department is to maintain a safe environment at Valley College for all students, staff and faculty. Although there are many deceived perceptions of law enforcement, Velasco wants everyone to know that the Sheriffs are friendly and here to help the people.

“My plans right now are to meet and help as many people as I can while I’m here and to try to change some of the misconceptions that people might have; the negative attitudes towards police,” expressed Velasco. “[But] to keep everyone safe and happy, that is my main mission, and the mission of the Sheriffs department.”

Valley’s student cadets are now supervised by Deputy Velasco. The Cadet Program consists of student workers that are interested in professional law enforcement fields. The program is currently hiring, and Velasco urges all students to stop by the Sheriff’s station and pick up an application to apply. Students must be able to work full-time, have a valid driver’s license and a clean criminal record. There is also an interview process and required test for all applicants.

“It’s been great; nothing but good things have happen since I’ve been here,” said Velasco. “I hope to be here a long time and don’t plan on going anywhere. This is going to be my home for a long time.”

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