Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday

Forget Black Friday, the real deals for those looking to save some money this year are coming on Cyber Monday.

The Monday after Thanksgiving has become the traditional day for online merchants to offer their best deals of the year.   In the last 20 years, consumers have switched their attention from brick-and-mortar stores to websites for their electronic purchases.  Frontrunners in the e-commerce arena, such as E-Bay and Amazon, have inspired several electronics outlets to take their deals to the web.

This year, one of the most sought-after items is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 8 Plus, along with the iPhone X (that is a ten not an “X”).  After their respective releases, the prices have been a sticking point for many who want to upgrade.  Best Buy is offering a sale to shoppers of up to $100 off, and unlocked phones are going for almost $150 less than their usual price.  Apple products are also on sale at Best Buy, including the iPhone 7 and the MacBook Pro.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales are a little more random, ranging from electronics to trampolines, but for members with an Amazon Prime account, special deals are announced almost hourly.  Laptops and computers are not the only things students may be able to save money on. Many other departments have entered the online-game with Cyber Monday sales on clothing, appliances, and other everyday essentials.

The best way to go about shopping on Cyber Monday is to create a list of wanted items and hit the websites of major retailers: Best Buy, Amazon, Sears, Target, Walmart and others, according to articles in The Verge and CNET.  Almost all of the major retailers are offering huge discounts on a wide variety of products as well free shipping. Looking for online deals can be daunting and many online magazines have compiled their findings into articles with links for the best deals.  The Verge, for example, has updated its 26 Best Deals, here  CNET and Tom’s Hardware also have listings of some of the best deals.  Kinja is a another great place to go to for not only Cyber Monday, but daily and seasonal discounts as well.

When shopping online, safety should also be part of the plan, and according to an article from Mashable, there are a few things shoppers should consider.  Many students will be receiving notices for the Cyber Monday and holiday sales via email, but only verified emails should be opened.  Students should also keep track of purchases, as it is easy to accidentally purchase something online.  Phone apps can also be a source of concern.  There are many apps that appear  to find deals, but instead collect personal information. Purchases should be made from secured computers preferably behind a firewall and from a trustworthy site.


With a little common sense and a few dependable websites, students will be able to find the best deals without leaving their living rooms.

Your thoughts?