Cross-nation “contanimation”

Dancer-choreographer brings her personal style from Texas to Valley for fall showcase.

By Jazmine Sanchez, Staff Writer

Natasha Nicole Lopez is a 20-year-old dancer who, after moving from Texas to Los Angeles, has sought out to follow her dreams with dance; Valley College has the honor to have her choreograph for the 2014 fall dance show case.

One year ago, Natasha moved to Los Angeles to full fill her dream as an artist and in her mind she felt like this city would be the perfect place to do so. She started dancing when she was 5-years-old and is now studying Theatre Arts at Valley College. She comes from a family of four which consistent of her mother, father, sister, and herself. Her father is a U.S. Army veteran who served for 20 years and her mother was a lab technician for about 15 years. Her older sister graduated from the University of Texas with a major in sociology. Since her sister had already been living in Los Angeles, Natasha already had the foundation to build on her dream.

“We are all full Puerto Ricans, BORIQUA!”, she said, “I have taken so many steps and risks to become the dancer I am now, one thing is always stepping out of my comfort zone. You can’t grow the way you want to in your work, if you don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Also, just practicing movements and experimenting every day whenever I get the chance.”

She started attending LAVC in Fall 2013 and has been part of many dance productions ever since. This semester, she will be choreographing a piece that consists of four LAVC dancers. She has been known to choreograph some very unique pieces and her next one will be sure to bring up some great opinions on it. “It’s a mixture of animation and contemporary, I like to call it Contamination!” Lopez said.

Not only does this talented dancer have a passion for the arts, but also plans to further her career in meteorology. She has a love for studying the weather and hopes to one day make it part of her everyday life. Along with this, she wants to seek out more opportunities to expand her dancing career. “I have a love for weather and studying it, so I\’d like to one day be a meteorologist. Less of on the screen though, I want to do all the dangerous work that you have to do before presenting the data you receive.” Lopez said.

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