Common Crimes at Valley College

Students can help themselves to avoid being victim of a crime.

Byline: Julien J. Metzmeyer, Staff Writer

Valley College has proved to be a safe campus for students; nevertheless, almost every week a crime is reported to the Sheriff’s department.

Most of the crimes reported are non-violent crimes and they actually decreased since last year. The most common crime reported on campus is petty theft, the most recent thing stolen is a bicycle last week. The number of petty thefts reported in 2013 is 45 compared to only 25 so far this year.

Most of the crimes on campus are crimes of opportunity, which is what happened last August. Two young men went to meet one of their friends at a football practice when one of them saw an iPad unattended and decided to grab it. The owner of the iPad saw it and tried to get it back but the assailant took it by force and started running. Fortunately, the Sheriff was alerted in time and was able to arrest the young man and charge him with robbery.

“What I would recommend for the students is to not bring too many valuables and don’t leave them unattended,” said Valley College’s Deputy, Frank Velasco.

The Sheriff’s office is also in the process of hiring more cadets because they think the more presence they have the more they will keep the crimes down; they want to be as visible as possible in order to help deter the crimes.

According to a  pamphlet called “Ladies Room” and it’s safety tips for students on campus, students should stay in well-lighted areas as much as possible when walking at night. Avoid walking alone or with your hands full. Walk confidently and avoid doorways, bushes and alleys where attackers can hide. If you are in danger, scream and run, or yell “fire” and run toward lights, people or the sheriff’s station.

Always lock the car after entering or leaving, and always check the back seat of your car; do not leave valuables in plain view or unattended. But the best advice is probably to pay attention to your instinct, if something just, according to the pamphlet.

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