COACHELLA: A Big Event At A Big Price

Music junkies and scene fiends head to the desert for the Coachella music festival.

by: October Primavera, Staff Writer


For some music lovers, Coachella is a cherished and anticipated event; but for a lot of Los Angeles locals it is a chance for the city to truly feel like it belongs to them.

The two-weekend event is a California staple, which has a 75,000 capacity and just the bare minimum single weekend pass is a whopping $375. That is, of course, only including admission onto the grounds and not hotel, food, or transportation. If you want a more VIP experience the prices can range anywhere from $799 to $6500. Even with huge name headliners like Outkast, Lorde, and Calvin Harris, in this economy it seems unreasonable to expect the masses to pay these kind of prices.

But they do, and at a record rate; the fastest in the festival’s history in fact.

“Tickets for both weekends were available beginning today [Jan. 10] at 10am PST and were gone by 12:37pm. That mark of 2 hours and 37 minutes appears to have broken the record of 2 hours and 57 minutes, which was set in 2012.” according to Alex Young, founder of Consequence of Sound, an online music publication.

But for those who are less than enthusiastic about spending a month’s rent on three dirty days out in the desert, there is an amazing alternative. Los Angeles locals have a few prized times a year where they can dine at trendy restaurants, go to cool bars, and basically have free range to do whatever they want. It takes away the worry of waiting in long lines or having to squeeze by 30 girls making duck face at their iPhones just to order a drink . These times are around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course, Coachella weekend. Now that the festival has been extended to two weekends there are more chances to go to Lemonade in Studio City or Hemmingways in Hollywood.

“I’m poor and I go to school and have a job,” psychology student Haley McNamara, 23, says. “I can’t spend the weekend prancing around in the desert.”

So as a college student on a budget, save your money and instead experience the incredible city we live in as it should be. Take this gem of an opportunity to go places you’ve always wanted to without having to deal with the usual LA problem of an excessive amount of “cool kids.”

Your thoughts?