Club Day helps Valley get into ‘Urban Grove’ and Black History Month

Several clubs come together on campus to celebrate Black History Month with food, music and dance.

By Lonnie Dominguez, Staff Writer

Around 100 people showed up in front of the cafeteria Wednesday to take part in Club Day’s celebration of Black History Month.

The event featured live music and free food. It was organized and by many of the campus club such as the Black Student Union, Sociology Club, Abilities Club, Mecha, the Veterans Club, others. Each club had their own emphasis on honoring African American history and culture.

“This event is exactly what college campuses are for,” said Valley President Erika Endrijonas.  “What [the event] does is bring awareness of African American culture and give recognition to black heritage.”

ASU president Beatriz Medina was happy with the turnout.

“We have a lot of people today,” said Medina who explained that the event was a collaboration of clubs and committees. “We partnered together to make today a success and to provide students the opportunity to join clubs and celebrate black history, because their history is our history.”

Valley’s radio station, KVCM, broadcasted the event live, even allowing audience members to step up to the microphone and explain what Black History Month means to them.

“It means bringing awareness about the Black community, civil rights and social issues, and solutions to issues that plague the black community,”  said Matthew Smith, who described himself as an active member of the Black Student Union.

Long lines of people could be seen waiting for food prepared by Dulan’s Restaurant and Catering, which served chicken, mac n’ cheese and more.

The event featured live music by Urban Groove, which is lead by saxophonist and Valley kinesiology professor James “Jimmy” Sims. The crowd cheered for Urban Grove and a few decided to dance.

“When the fans are clapping, you know you’re doing a good job,” Sims said.


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