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Budget queen Rekik Neway uses social media not only to express herself, but also to make money.

By Monessa Chahayed, Online Editor

Valley-StyleAlvin Cuadra / Photographer

She’s “Tumblr famous” online, known as “Dopest Ethiopian,” but IRL she is Valley student Rekik Neway.

Her natural beauty requires little makeup, but it’s enhanced by a gold necklace from Ethiopia she wears every day. Other go-to accessories include gold hoop earrings and a nose ring or stud. Her wardrobe consists of a lot of black and neutral colors; when asked why she decided on the white hat and shoes to set off her all-black outfit, the charismatic multimedia major laughs:

“You know, I just knew I was going to be interviewed by someone today.”

The Los Angeles native says her studies emphasize film and TV. She has been working her dream job as a social media associate for Tiny Horse Productions since she graduated high school, thanks to a family friend. But the fashion-forward 18 year old has already found her career niche: social media.

“I currently have over 85,000 followers on there. I do get the [Tumblr famous] thing a lot but, honestly don’t see it like ‘fame’ … It’s just another social platform that is fun and entertaining,” she explains.

She says her blog ( “embodies” her. Her post subjects range from fashion and beauty to social justice, with pictures and videos. Her following has grown enough so that she has been asked to promote brands via Instagram.

“Clothing companies contact me and send me clothing to wear and model on social media, mainly Instagram,” she says. “I suppose my face is my own brand on social platforms.”

Neway describes her own style as a mix of tomboy and girly. Channeling her inner Rihanna, she aims to be comfortable and chic at the same time. Today, she says, she is more of a tomboy in her shredded black jeans and black cardigan from Fashion Nova paired with white accents: converse, and a baseball cap atop her ombre locks.

An effortless everyday makeup look consists of false eyelashes and a bare face, but sometimes she will opt for a bold lip and eye shadow. Due to skin problems in the past, Neway prefers less makeup because of how hard she has worked to keep her skin clear.

“My style is really just whatever I am feeling for the day,” she said. “I get overwhelmed in stores like Forever 21 and H&M, I don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing.”

Rekik Neway Likes:

Music: Travis Scott

TV Shows: Revenge, The Following

Style Idol: Rihanna

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