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Campus security adds to student parking problems

Campus deputy sheriff-deployed traffic controls, like cordoning off the first available student parking spaces in the campus parking structure, highlight shortcomings for students parking at Valley.

By Luis Romero and D.R. Harward-Staff Writers

A shrinking number of parking spaces has increased the frustration experienced by returning students trying to get to class on time.

Many Valley College students would like nothing more than to find an open parking space, but this is becoming nearly impossible due to the limited number of parking spaces that are available to students. With over 17,000 students enrolled this semester and only 3,720 parking spaces available getting a spot can take patience and at times require self restraint.

Especially for students, because passing vacant parking spaces reserved for staff can seem unfair and unnecessary.

Armine Kazaryan an accounting student said: “(It) is so annoying and irritating that we as students have to spend more than 20 minutes looking for parking and faculty parking are all empty is unacceptable.”

The administration and the campus Sheriff’s Department are making  matters worse by barricading the first two rows of student parking spaces in the main parking structure. Officer Cristina Andino said that blocking the bottom two rows of parking helps parking flow and assists in traffic control.

Luis Romero | The Valley Star

Students pay the fees, but staff gets the parking.

Last fall, The Board of College Commissioners removed most of parking lot C from service to use it for a new building; a decision that affects students a lot, because it was a student parking facility.

“ Now if i don’t find parking on campus I have to look on the street and it takes me another extra 15 minutes to get to class” said Marvin Flores, 20, history major.

Perhaps parking will always be a problem at Valley, the allocation of the spaces is unfair because employees are given  the most convenient spots, and for free. Meanwhile, the students must pay for the privilege of being treated as second-class citizens. Several new spaces reserved for staff resulted from the directional change to Ethel street on the south side of campus.

Beginning Tuesday, February 21 students will be required to purchase and display a parking permit. Vehicles without a valid and properly displayed parking permits will be issued a citation, according to the campus sheriff’s department. Student can park in lots located in  Parking lots A, B, C (parts), D, E, G, and above the 2nd floor of the parking structure. Permits and patience will be required.

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