Budget cuts sink community college transfer rates

By: Jackie Carter, Staff Writer

Declining transfer rates from community colleges to University of California and California State has prompted a proposal to make the transfer application process much easier for students in the future.

Budget cuts and limited course offerings at two-year colleges have been discouraging for some students, according to a report issued by the UC regents who saw a sharp decline in transfers from a year ago.

Transfers applications dropped from 28,937 in 2012 to 26,376 for this year, according to a UC study.

The biggest hurdles in the transfer process are the lack of student preparation, not having the required coursework needed at the time of transfer and failure to meet application deadlines, all which can be easily managed.

“Students need to be competitive for the campus they want to go to, and should know the requirements needed ahead of time,” said Michael Gold, TAP/General Counseling. “Especially if they want to transfer to UC schools, who look for general education units sooner, rather than later.”

Valley College currently uses the TAG system (Transfer of Admission Guarantee), which offers a seamless admissions process to the nine UC campuses and California State University campuses to help Monarchs prepare for undergraduate school.

There are also lots of tools students can use, such as the UC-Transfer Admission Planner, found on the UC website, which helps you track what courses are needed to transfer and is imported along with the application.

Most of the students at Valley College were prepared for transferring and found counseling beneficial to them.

“It was a fairly simple process. I met with a counselor and checked online myself, using assist.org,” said Paul Chua, broadcast journalism major. “I was very proactive and made some calls to make sure that I wasn’t taking unnecessary classes.”

For more information contact the Career/Transfer Center in the Student Services Annex at (818) 947-2646 or visit www.lavc.edu/Transfer/index.html.

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