Book em, Monarchs

Valley’s bookstore provides services for Monarchs to return used books.

By Amanda Cavarretta, Copy Editor 

Finals can bring most students sweaty palms and anxiety, but it can also bring them cold-hard cash.

Every semester Valley College offers a book buyback program during finals week. However, there are limitations to the texts the college will purchase. Books need to be on the bookstore list, which means there is a high demand for the text. In addition, they will not buy loose leaf workbooks. Valley contracts a independent wholesale buyer to purchase some of the books not on Valley’s list.

“He will buy it for wholesale, but that price is usually lower than what we would offer,” said Assistant Bookstore Manager Mary S. John. “We wish we were able to buy everything back to help the students.”

Buyback dates are set for June 1 to June 4 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday, June 5 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The final buyback day is June 8, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If the college nor the wholesale will purchase students’ textbooks  during finals, there are other alternatives.

For Monarchs currently using Essentials of Living World by George Johnson in Biology 3, offers $36.50 for the textbook (free shipping). Another option is going to Woodland Text located in Woodland Hills. Students can get $30 for this book.

A popular book used in English 101, Reading For Writers by Jo Ray McCuen, will buy it for $62.62 and will give students $57.17. Both websites provide free shipping.

Another core book used by Monarchs in Chicano Studies is Chicano Labyrinth of Solitude  written by Enrique Orozco. pays $14.21 and can give $6.96 for the book (free shipping).

Some teachers require students to purchase a customized book. Books used in Astronomy 101, Environmental Science 1, and Math 125 usually can’t be bought back through any buyer.

“If [teachers] choose a binder packet, those are considered a customized package. [To sell them back] they have to have all components in them,” said John. “We can’t buy loose leaf books because we don’t know what pages are missing. It’s a one-time use type of thing. I don’t know that we can buy the pieces separately.”

There is a bulletin board located in Monarch Hall where students post flyers advertising the books they are selling. Most flyers include: title of the book, author, edition, asking price and contact number. 

“I’m actually a nerd and don’t sell any of my books,” said Ashley Shore, philosophy major. “So I make sure I buy new editions so there’s no highlighting in them.

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