Boo! Come And Participate

Monarchs sneaking by during classes to have some Halloween Fun with the Sociology Club.

By Jasel Rico, Staff Writer

The Sociology Club hosted its third annual Halloween event at Monarch Square. The event started at 10 a.m. and lasted till 1 p.m. Some students dressed as cats, pirates and wearing creepy masks. Valley students came and went as they tried to sneak in a little fun between classes.

Each table was an activity to get Valley students to interact with Halloween themed games. The major hit out of all the activities was the pumpkin table. Students were having a great time craving pumpkin of both scary and funny faces. The local Whole Foods donated 40 pumpkins to the club for the event.

It was a bit messy with piles of seeds piling up in the middle of the table. Other activates included hacky-sack, pin the bow-tie on Mr. Bones and a water-pong game. Candy prizes were giving out to all. With treats that made every sweet tooth happy.

“We host this event because we love Halloween; we wanted to bring that to the school,” said Sociology Club President Diane Beckinyan, a sociology major. “So everyone can have fun and have a good time. Getting the students involved in the Halloween spirit.”

Many students were just passing by and were approached to participate in the games as the Sociology Club were getting Monarchs into the Halloween mood. Eerie music was playing as students were talking to one another about their Halloween plans.

Pumpkin carver, Brandon Escobar an administrative justice major, expressed his enthusiasm as he went from table to table playing all the games.

“I came to the event because, it’s my favorite holiday and because I wanted to make new friends and crave a pumpkin,” said Escobar. “It’s great when clubs host events and have activities.”

Participating in club events can lead to meeting new people or even joining. Valley students have that opportunity to do so. So maybe next time a booth is set up don’t be scared to join in the festive mood. The Sociology Club does not have another event scheduled yet.

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