Black is the new black

CAMPUS STYLE – No labels and solid black clothing but accompanied by key accessories.

By Jazmine Sanchez, Staff Writer

A tall guy with wispy black hair exits the behavioral science building dressed in mysterious black, including scuffed boots and cheetah sunglasses.

“I like fashion,” saysDavid Castaneda. “I kind of dress casual/professional and I wear a lot of black.”

Animation major David Castaneda, 21, plans to transfer to any university that offers an animation degree.

He advocates for no-label fashion and says  everything he wears is for comfort, but there are some rules to that.

“Sweat pants every day is not the thing,” he says.

Despite his monochrome appearance today, Castaneda is all for colors – as long as they go together.

“Match your colors! You can’t have three shades of blue on you.”

He truly enjoys the art of “thrifting” because when purchasing certain items he doesn’t have to worry about a huge logo being seen across his t-shirt.

“I like it when things are subtle. You can wear what you like, like brands, but I prefer a small logo on the bottom of my shirt.”

Jazmine Sanchez | The Valley Star

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