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ONLINE-DAAlvin Cuadra / Photographer

THE VALLEY LADY – Valley College has selected Kent Twitchell’s “The Old Woman of the Freeway” to be the first mural painted on a building at Valley. The mural is being installed at the Student Services Center. According to the Public Art Committee, this is Twitchell’s first project on campus.

“The Freeway Lady,” as most people know this mural by, was originally painted near the Hollywood Freeway. The mural was lost when it was painted over in 1986 by a billboard company.

The Valley College Art Gallery previously showcased his artwork in a retrospective, solo exhibition called “Life Line,” which ran from Nov. 6, 2014 to Feb. 26, 2015. “Kent Twitchell is renown for his larger-than-life, realistic portrayals of celebrities and creative luminaries in murals sprawling Los Angeles’s buildings and freeways,” the Art Gallery said.

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