Better late (start-classes) than never

Late-start classes give students a chance to add a course to their schedule.

By Paul Rosenbusch, Staff Writer

Valley College is offering over 50 late-start courses this semester to help reach enrollment targets, giving students another opportunity to get a running start to their educational goal.

Valley’s late-start classes benefit the college, which is looking to boost enrollment numbers and helps students looking to add a class. There are around 50 late-start classes available to students, with the majority of those courses coming from the English department. The listing also includes around 20 online courses, which can be found at:

“I took a late-start geometry course in the past to get the most work done in the least amount of time,” said Daniel Salas, a computer/engineering student at Valley. “The schedule is really tight, the days are long, and it was hard for me because of work, but I was still able to pass.”

Many of the students at Valley want to transfer to a 4-year university, and these classes can make the difference on whether students can transfer by the deadline. Late-start classes can help students achieve full-time status for financial aid.

Students can enroll online up until the start of the class. In most cases, online courses are a compressed version of conventional semester-long courses, which last 16 weeks; late-start classes are usually around eight weeks.

“I was able to keep up with the demanding schedule by hustling in class, going to sleep early, and not going out often- a lot of sacrifices were made,” said Paul Rassam, marketing student at Valley.

 The finals for the late courses follow the same schedule for the classes that began Feb. 8,  so before you sign up for a late-start course, check the finals schedule online for any conflicts. The list of late start classes is available online or at the Admissions and Records office in the Student Services Center.


Valley’s “Late-Start Classes” PDF opens with important information for students to consider.


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