Bella Barri fell hard for skateboards and fashion

Valley student brings 70’s fashion and girl power to school and skate park

Jessica Perez, Staff Writer

Valley College student Bella Barri had no idea that her laziness would result in picking up the skateboard and eventually grow into a way of life.

The 20-year-old sophomore, majoring in environmental studies, plans to transfer to Humboldt State University to pursue her dream of becoming an environmental lawyer or working at a national forest.

Barri spontaneously picked up her brothers skateboard one day because of her unwillingness to walk to high school. On her way, she admired skateboarders’ skills and the way they dressed.

“One day I picked up my brother’s penny board and fell like 20 times but I learned from there.” Barri said.

Even though she may have had a lot of spills, bumps and bruises, those rides led her to her style and her passion today. Now you can see Barri cruising her skateboard past the Humanities Building and skateboarding is part of her everyday life. She is dressed in a fringe leather jacket, including chandelier earrings and white-checkered Vans. She displays a distinct sense of style.

Her music interests reflect in her style, where 70’s rock meets psychedelic dreams and the skating life fuses with bohemian beachy vibes. Bell bottoms, crop tops, crocodile boots, and a killer bandana is right up her alley.

“I like skating and fashion, “Barri said. “I like taking risks with my outfits and I definitely get my inspiration from Kirk Hammett and a mixture of a carefree style.”

She truly enjoys the art of “thrifting” because she appreciates the second-hand value and when purchasing an item, she knows that no two items are the same.

“You can find really rad vintage clothes,’ Barri said. “I usually go to Salvation Army and stores in Highland Park. Most of my Levi’s jeans are thrifted or fabrics I tear up.”

Since high school, Barri has been a part-time model doing test shoots for her friends’ portfolios and it has grown through. She has become so popular that brands pay her to take photographs wearing their clothes and accessories and post the modeling shots online. Barri explains she has a tough/tomboy personality but is shy and intimate so she enjoys embracing her feminine side.

Barri said, “it’s not about gaining anything to me, I just hope to meet new people, take cool shots, and experience as much as I can.”

She has been skating for over a year and a half and was inspired by a film “Lords of Dogtown” and Colombian skateboarder David Gonzales. She spends most of her time at her favorite spot to cruise Venice Beach and says that she has learned to ollie, as well as accomplishing a kick flip and a pop shove it, amongst other tricks.

“I enjoy cruising by the beach and trying new tricks,” Barri said. “I just love the rush of freedom while skating down the bowls.”


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