Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

Janis Keyser, author of “Becoming the Parent You Want to Be,” shares some insights with Valley students; on how to become a great parent.

By Kathleen Zamora and Ana Ramos, staff writers

The Family Resource Center sponsored a discussion about, “Becoming the Parent You Want to Be” with the author herself, Janis Keyser who answered questions and shared life experiences.

Keyser said there are important things that parents overlook when they are overwhelmed in life, they should remember these six things: enjoy the ordinary moments, listen and talk, make mistakes meaningfully, value struggle, nurture gratitude and get comfortable with disequilibrium.

Also, aside from those six things and most importantly, parents should know that children value quality-time. Parents should observe their children carefully and spend more time with them because kids are always up to great things.

“They are basically scientists doing research,” says Keyser. “…remember bad or strange behavior always starts with a good idea.”

Keyser not only had the opportunity to share some of her helpful advice and ideas with the parents in attendance, but they had the opportunity ask questions and Keyser responded to them with better ways to approach their specific issues.

The discussion seemed to be a great help for those parents with a fear about doing a bad job or that have doubts on how to improve their parenting skills because even if they are the ones making mistakes, they should always remember that mistakes can lead to good ideas; for both parents and their kids.

“The discussion thought me that making mistakes is good,” says Jeannine C, a parent who attended the discussion. “Those mistakes will help both my kids and me discover what works best for all of us, and they will also help us communicate what we want”



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