ASU votes to impeach Commissioner of Political Affairs

Following a vote to impeach Commissioner of Political Affairs Michael Suskin, there is confusion over whether the vote was valid.

By: Paul Frumkin, Copy Editor 

UPDATE 6/18:

The ASU has yet to comply with the Star’s FOIA requests for documentation regarding its impeachment proceedings and budgetary matters despite having more than a month to do so. More as this STORY DEVELOPS.

UPDATE 6/03:

Documents show disagreement among the ASU adviser and top officers as to whether the Executive Council vote to impeach Political Affairs Commissioner Michael Suskin was valid. At issue is whether the proper majority was achieved. Repeated attempts by the Valley Star to secure details as to the charges against Suskin have been rebuffed. More as this STORY DEVELOPS.


The Associated Student Union passed a motion to impeach Commissioner of Political Affairs Michael Suskin Tuesday during an Executive Council Meeting.

The ASU passed the motion on a 3-1 vote with two board members abstaining. Suskin’s critics claimed he was unable to carry out his duties as political affairs commissioner and that was the reason for the vote. The motion was centered on Suskin’s failure to inform the board in a timely manner that he was planning on running for treasurer in last week’s election. Suskin ran and lost.

“The essence of the complaint is failure to perform any of the duties on the bylaws,” said ASU Chief Justice, Sameena Rahman. She stated all reasons were confidential.

The Vice President of Student Services Tino Manzano will decide Suskin’s fate. If the motion is approved, Suskin will be removed from the board immediately. The impeachment will also appear on Suskin’s transcript, according to ASU Advisor, Elizabeth Ortiz. The ASU will, however, petition the vice president to expunge Suskin’s transcript of any involvement as an elected official.

Suskin was disappointed with the board’s decision.

“This is what happens when you let fear and intimidation influence a few people and overrun an entire conversation,” said Suskin. “There have been many instances this year where the ASU constitution has not been followed and this is another example.”

The Commissioner of Political Affairs communicated his displeasure with the fact that he was not given a chance to defend his own position with a full statement. He also said that Rahman and ASU President Alexia Johnson were in violation of the Ralph M. Brown Act when they privately made amendments to the ASU constitution. Suskin will be following up with a complaint to Manzano.

*UPDATE 6/03: 

ASU has denied that any amendments have been made to its constitution over the previous year. More as this STORY DEVELOPS.

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