ASU Budget Plans Create Doubt

Valley’s Student Union meeting, which lasted just under 20 minutes, allocated close to five grand to pay for campus events.

By: Paul Frumkin, Staff Writer


The Associated Student Union Finance Committee resolved to spend a total of $4,918.11 on two on-campus events during a 19 minute budget meeting on Tuesday.

However, the board did not give a comprehensive breakdown of how the funds will be spent in the Armenian Heritage Celebration or for Día de Reconocimiento.

“The celebration is part of the Annual Cultural Celebration organized by the LAVC Student Services [in part sponsored by the ASU] to raise cultural awareness and to represent our diverse student body,” said the Armenian Heritage Committee in a quote provided by Associated Student Organization (ASO) Advisor Joan Hurwit.

The Associated Student Union (ASU) agreed to set aside $1,680 for the Armenian Heritage Celebration, a two-day event taking place on April 22 and 23.

“A total of $120 was allocated to fund supplies used for the visual arts demonstrations, performed by two current and alumni students,” said Hurwit. “There was also $100 set aside for a lecture by Ara Khachatourian [He is an editor at Asbarez Aremenian News] ‘The Importance of the Armenian Diaspora in the United States.’”

Hurwit and the rest of the ASU members failed to mention how the remaining $1,460 will be spent for the Armenian Heritage Celebration.

Hurwit, Chief Justice Sameena Rahman, ASU President/Acting Chair of Finance Committee Alexia Johnson, and ASU Advisor Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz all voted in favor of granting them these funds.

They also voted to approve giving $3,238.11 for Día de Reconocimiento, a one-day event where students of Latin descent who are transferring or graduating are recognized for their achievements.

When approached about Student Services budget transfer[1] , which was also approved at the meeting, Johnson declined to answer any questions without the presence of her advisors and her commissioner of public relations.

The Student Services Department is a place that is important to all Monarchs, since students use this place to solve any educational or financial problems they may have while attending Valley.

“It makes me feel left out and used,” said art major Evan Ramirez. “I should know what’s going on in my school and how it’s changing.”

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