Artist collaboration brings Valley College, Rough Patches and Glitters Exhibit 


Artist collaborations brings newest exhibit to Valley College.

By, Jamie Garcia, Staff Writer

Two well established artist, Garry Noland and Jeffry Mitchell, have collaborated to showcase their artwork at Valley College’s newest art exhibit, Rough Patches and Glitter. 

Sculptures, drawings, ceramics and paintings are showcased at the new art exhibit. This is the first time that both artist have collaborated together. Both artist embrace the process of creating pieces that emit authenticity. The whole concept of the exhibit is old vs. new and playfulness. The old and the new refers to Noland’s work in which he uses old materials to make something new. Playfulness refers to Mitchell’s work in which he plays around with the clay before he makes the various ceramic pieces of animals, vases and pots.

Mitchell showcases a wide range of pieces that have a playful feel to them. A method that he uses is his art is glazing, this feature is especially prominent in his pots and vases.  The art of glazing adds a polished finish to his already eye-catching pieces. His main focus is the material that he works with. He is able to mold anything that he desires from such a basic natural element in particular, dirt.

“Perhaps we came to it through playing as children making mud pies or maybe it was making pinch pots in elementary school,” says Mitchell in regards to clay being the main component that he uses in in his art.  “Regardless I feel that clay is a material that is universally relatable at a very basic level”

Noland’s artwork features sculptures, and paintings all created by using detritus. His art is a combination of new and old materials that one would not conventionally see together. The materials that are used in his artwork are retrieved from alleys, side streets, and urban dumps. Some of the materials that were used in the pieces that were showcased at the exhibit are gold duct tape, cardboard, paper and foam.

“I like to use disposable materials that I’ve found in my artwork to raise its identity” says Noland when asked about why he uses the materials that he does in his artwork.

Rough Patches and Glitter is located in the Art Building, the exhibit is open to the public and admission is free. The exhibit will run till Nov. 30th. The exhibit is on display on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. and 6-9 pm.

“I am a huge fan of both artist and it was nice of them collaborate to bring us this beautiful exhibit,” says Christopher Gomez who is a current student at Valley College.

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